New Yorker cover - December 1st 2008

New Yorker cover - April 13th 2009

Thanksgiving New Yorker cover

Thanksgiving cover of The New Yorker by Harry Bliss. Click here for instructions on purchasing a framed print!

New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest # 145

"O.K. I'm at the window. To the right? Your right or my right?"
Winning caption by Patrick House
Palo Alto, Calif.

Drawing by Harry Bliss, after Jack Kirby

The Rejection Collection Volume 2

Just in: The Rejection Collection Volume 2, edited by Matt Diffee featuring Harry Bliss and 37 other New Yorker cartoonist in what may be the most offensive/hilarious collection of rejected New Yorker cartoons to date.

Order yours now and offend a loved one.


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